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Tuesday, November 21, 2006
A Shout Out of Thanks

yeah, thanksgiving is a deadly time to be on the road and thanksgiving is a sucky time when someone dies or leaves, but overall-- it's the sign of an evolved spirit to dwell upon the positive.  There was a quote on our intranet the other day that stuck with me... and i can't stop thinking about it:

Life's unfairness is not irrevocable; we can help balance the scales for others, if not always for ourselves. . -Hubert Humphrey.

does your life help to balance the scales?? or does it send the Debbie Downers of the world into a position of even greater advantage?

i am truly lucky ito have so much greatness around me. i hope that everyone who reads this can take a nano-second to give thanks to the Universe (or God , or your higher power, or Tupac or Tupperware or whatever other diety you've created in your mind) for all of the presences in your life.  it's so easy to focus on the absences but allow me to use this ridiculous blog-forum to spill some wholehearted THANKS into the internet and life in general.

--NIBS and Bobby --- consider this a not-so-cryptic gracias for your fucking awesome far-away connection...  i look forward to every bit of contact with you crazy bitches. is the internet really so awful?  SWF , Rutlfarm , Amy and Kentuckian... PlazaJen and others???  yeah the internet is semi-creepy but i've met a lot of great people whose correspondence can seriously brighten my LIFE through it.

-- my family.... yes, they make everything into a fullblown dramatic scene.  the other week i was home and my mom was sweetly nagging my dad to help her hang a picture in their bedroom... i listened from the other room as they debated over the yardstick and whether or not a level should be involved.   my dad started drilling, my mother shrieked, and then i heard Dad yell, "Fuck, FINE! Leave me over 1 1/2 inches!!!"   i swear, they turn everything into a broadway production.  the good thing is twofold:  1) they always end up laughing at each other 2) i know that i am not going to be that kind of wife.   you want to hang a picture crooked?  fine... if i'm asking for your help i'm not going to criticize.

-- friends-o-rama... too many to count.  doesn't mean i don't care about everyone more than i can express. in fact, my friend brooke was someone i hadn't seen in 6 years... i came down to memphis to surprise her this weekend and her daughters called me "auntie G" within 5 minutes and by the next day my hair was cut and highlighted for free.... shit like that you just can't put a price on.  picking up with an old friend like the years never happen is a gift that everyone should have access to.

-- a job.  thank you Universe for my job -even though at times it is unbearable (post to follow perhaps)... i am glad to have it b/c otherwise i could not eat out nor could i shop for shoes... two pillars of complete enjoyment in this girl's world.

-- being alive. 

that last one means something different to everyone.

but i hope for all of you to have a great week and hopefully a moment of true thanks.   let's do what Hubert Humphrey suggested and try to offset the unfairness of the world with our own good works.

what do you think?

Currently reading:
Running with Scissors: A Memoir
By Augusten Burroughs

Posted at 11/21/2006 6:20:44 pm by gak

November 21, 2006   11:28 PM PST
Only semi-creepy? Hell, downright full-fledged, living in mom's basement, bidding-on-ebay-for-used-underwear creepy in some cases.

But yeah, if you can weed through the weirdos, there's good folks to be found online. I'm thankful and happy to have found you here.

I love the quote! I'm going to have to write that one down.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, gak!
November 21, 2006   11:31 PM PST
I just noticed the book you had posted! I've been wanting to read that. 4 stars huh? I'll definitely have to pick it up now!
November 24, 2006   03:04 AM PST
Even with the crap in life, there's still so much that is great out there to stay positive about. Happy Thanksgiving!

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