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Sunday, March 11, 2007
9 Hours--- and No Annoyances!

Dare I jinx this, but it was a terrific first date.  T-rrrifico!!  The Beer Guy called me at 11 am and we talked for a half hour and he said, "hey, the weather's great! let's make an early start of it!"  And I said, "Sure thing!"  And thus, plans were made to meet at a complete dive bar at 4 pm...  I was nervous and if i had collected the sweat from my palms, I'd probably have about 6 ounces of fluid.  I went to Vietnamese nail place and got a (rare) mani-pedi so that I could wear open-toed shoes with confidence.   My nail tech's name was Charlie.  Am I the only one who thinks this is a funny choice of "american name?" lol.  p.s. How do you pronounce "Nguyen?"

We met at Jimmy's Jigger and the best thing when we first met was that he hugged me.  I mean he really hugged me like a big ol' bear. For a whole 5 seconds!  Dammit, good hugs are soooo important to me.  Also, he had great ears!  I am a total ear snob. I can't stand weird chubby earlobes or wavy cartilidge or ear hair and his ears passed the test brilliantly.  I mean, it's not a dealbreaker if they're wonky, but it's nice to see good-looking ears on a man. 

Conversation and beer flowed like, well, like beer!  We had two drinks there, then went next door to a new restaurant I'd never been to.  He used to work with several of the people there so it was nice to see that they really liked him.   Also (pay attention here guys) he introduced me to each of them immediately after he said hello.  Example:  "Brian! Hey man! This is Gak. Gak, I used to work with Brian."   Why is that so hard for dates to remember?  As Damone says in Fast Times, "It's a classy move."

Walked to one more bar on that street and it was getting a wee bit chilly by this time. I didn't have a coat but he said that we could go to the car and get his.  He pulls out a jacket for me and also says, "I got you something."  Then he lifts up a box that says 20 pack Boulevard Pale Ale (I love Pale Ale!) and I thought that was sweet.  He said I had to wait to open it until I got home.  I asked him if it was beer and he said nope. 

This could turn into a novel, but I feel I must document the evening so bear with me here.  This could be my next husband or the fodder for my next box of Kleenex.

Stopped at a place called Fric-n-Frac or something like that and a momentous first hurdle was jumped:  He told me I had a "piece of skin" and motioned to his nose.  Holy Shit! I had a booger!!  And I am sooooooo glad he told me about it with such class!  I mean, this could revolutionize the indication of "You've got a booger!"  When he used the term 'piece of skin' it was like it took the embarrassment out of the situation.  Ironically, and I swear this is true, when I was getting ready earlier, I looked in my mirror and thought to myself, "I wonder if he's the type of guy who would tell me if I had a booger."  And apparently he is!!!!  He takes the shame out of things with his gentle soul.  But he also has a semi-distaste for society so we get along brilliantly!

Beer Guy and a booger free me then decided to head over to Inge's, my favorite piano bar in a strip mall where the minimum age for entry seems to be about 55.   In the parking lot before I got in his car to go there, he asked if he could kiss me b/c he couldn't wait one more minute.  He said he'd been waiting an hour already and had to do it. So I happily obliged.  SCORE! Good kisser!!! And whew, the awkward "Is he going to kiss me?" moment was luckily averted.  

At Inge's we had a blast (is that word too 1950s?) listening to the old lady singers and he sipped Pabst Blue Ribbon while I laughed at him, the Beer Guy, drinking the cheapest shit around.  I got drunk on Pabst and Old Style in 1997 and have never had a sip of either one since.  When you're pulling over outside Wrigley field to throw up peanut butter toast the next morning, the sense memory stays with you.  It also made it hard to enjoy peanut butter toast for several years.

Oops, forgot to mention that we ate dinner at Chick-Fil-A.  I know for a lot of you it's no big deal, but we just got them in Kansas City so he was crazy insane to stop there. He didn't know they'd already opened and when we drove by he flipped.  I think he's from Georgia, actually, and he missed it a lot.  He apologized for the shitty dinner but said he'd make it up to me.  He doesn't like pickles so they were lying there discarded and I gobbled them up.  A perfect match.  lol.   (isn't it funny how the little things seem like happy omens when you want them to be?)

And isn't it hilarious how when you're young you think that adults don't misbehave or have much fun?  And then you find yourself in your mid 30s in the parking lot with the seats reclined, making out like you're a couple of teenagers at the drive-in.   I jumped on him, he jumped on me, and we just necked and laughed and hoped the cops didn't knock on the window .

It's going to be tough to carry out my VDS (Vaginal Defense Strategy) to keep him out of the trenches for a month, but I'm going to persevere.  Like Big Time suggested (Jeesy Keeristo, I can't believe I'm actually listening to Big Time) I will cease shaving, but that's my best idea right now.  And it's actually pretty weak.  But don't you think that jumping in the sack too soon can wreck a good thing?   There's such a short window of opportunity for the pleasure known as dry-humping.  Hee hee.  I mean "pants-on-scissor-action" is an all-too-briefly available phase when you're totally turned on by the newness and the fun of it all but you haven't gotten naked.  Once you fuck, you really can't reclaim the magic of innocent clothes-on grinding can you?

He called me today to say thanks for the great time and said it was a magical evening.  He was out in the woods hiking with his dog and said he'd never called a girl from his special place befoe.   Hmmm, my first thought was, "That's where he must put the dead bodies." 

 I mentioned that I'm going out of town soon and said I hoped we'd see each other before then. He said, "I demand it!"    I thanked him again for the booger check and he said that I'd have to tell him if he had spinach in his teeth.  Then I said, "Oh my other thing is that sometimes I get lipstick on my chin when I eat sandwiches." And he said he'd tell me if I had any on my nose after kissing.  I said, "Dude! Lipstick on my nose? That would have to be with someone with a big mouth. But then again, YOU kind of do have a huge mouth!"  And he said, "All the better to kiss you with, my dear." 

Is that sweetness overload?  Sorry I couldn't help it! It's all true!   Actually, I know that  by commiting this to the blog I have ruined any chances of this turning out well.  There's that chipper Gak attitude! 

Posted at 3/11/2007 5:02:30 pm by gak

March 11, 2007   08:00 PM PDT
Look at you gak. Sounds like you had fun, but already I see a breakdown in the VDS. Read my ideals below in the comments from your last post. From now on I will refer to you as "Grasshopper".

PS. "Nguyen" pronounced like "Win" in American English.
March 11, 2007   09:24 PM PDT
Yeah Gak, I am so happy you had a good time. I am a total romantic and I hope this is it! As for 'doing it' I totally think you do it when the time is right. Whether that is 9 hours, 9 days or a month. Phil and I basically did it before our first date and look how well that turned out! :) Let the VDS down when the time is right.

For the love of all that is holy please shave! Did you learn nothing from Bridget Jones Diary? You don't want to get caught with a hairy vajayjay.
March 11, 2007   09:25 PM PDT
What was in the box?
March 12, 2007   07:19 AM PDT
he sounds pretty good so far to me. just stay positive.
March 12, 2007   07:39 AM PDT
We want to know what was in the box! And I agree with Stacy - please shave. If you break down & haven't shaved he'll think you are a hairy ape! :-)
March 12, 2007   08:17 AM PDT
woo, woooo! Yeah, what's in the box? It wasn't one of THOSE boxes was it? (Step one...cut a hole in the box......)

Glad you had such a good time, and may the fun continue!
March 12, 2007   08:39 AM PDT
I'm keeping what was in the box a surprise until a little bit later on! After all, a girl can't go revealing EVERYTHING! ;)

I will say though, that it was NOT:
-- A bomb.
-- A diorama.
-- Gwyneth's head.

The thing about my not shaving is pretty weak. He's really earthy and I don't think he'd mind the hair at all... But I'm not ready to implicate that I have a disease or anything to keep him away from Vickie. Sorry Big Time!
March 12, 2007   04:19 PM PDT
He sounds like a fun guy! Good luck with the VDS, but I really don't think it'll hold out against a guy as good as this one sounds.

I do have to mention that the Charlie thing is kinda sumorous to me too, but because that's one of the slang terms GIs used for the VC during the war.
March 13, 2007   07:48 AM PDT
Sounds like you're headed for fun ;) good luck
March 14, 2007   12:31 PM PDT
I'm thrilled for you that you had such a great night!

And yeah, that dry-hump phase is such a nice time. Don't rush it...savor it! ;)

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