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Wednesday, March 28, 2007
too damn happy

i barely know what to do when i'm so happy that posting about it seems like a dare.

last time i gushed over a guy i had my heart snapped!  of course it was a blessing b/c now i'm with the Beer Guy and things are sprouting up all over the place.  good green things that come out of rich soil.  soil that (i assume) was nourished by the decomposition of past relationships.

maybe poop and dead things are what really give life to new beginnings!

we're going on a mini-break together for 3 days. we leave tomorrow.  don't really have much planned, except that road hummers are off limits.  i don't want to die with a dick in my mouth and the back of my head crushed by a steering wheel. 

will report more when i return and i'll try to find the happy place between sheer joy and sheer vulnerability... but does such a branch even exist on the tree of relationships??

Posted at 3/28/2007 10:40:55 pm by gak

March 30, 2007   07:03 AM PDT
i hope everything goes well for you. *hugs*
March 30, 2007   02:17 PM PDT
Have fun!
March 31, 2007   07:12 PM PDT
I hope you have a fantastic time! It's a little scary to be hopeful, huh? But at some point, like you mentioned, you have to think all that crap was preparing you to be able to appreciate the real deal, and that maybe you are finally finding it. I will hope for you as well!

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