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Tuesday, October 16, 2007
tappity tap tap

well i just got back from my first tap dancing class at a new studio.  for the past 2 weeks i had been taking at a super crappy place (in an old run down POST OFFICE) whose idea of tap dance is hoofing it to Beyonce.   Seriously. I was astonished that to attract a more urban crowd the teacher put on music that did NOT work with tap... but of course it was quite funny b/c when we registered (me and a friend Amy from work) we asked the desk-girl, "What's the makeup of the class like?" and she said, "Oh it's very diverse."  We were excited, thinking that we weren't going to be the old farts in class and said, "Awesome! So there are lots of different ages here?" and she said back, "Well, you two are the reason it's diverse."

hahaha.  so that meant we were the old farts in class.

anyway, i'm not the old fart in the new class... there are two ladies in their 50s, me, and then 5 other girls about 13-16 years old.  am i crazy that i like to talk to the teens more than the older ladies? 

i sweated my ass off and was told that my appearance in the recital is optional. thank god!!!  it sounds a lot like Dive Club.  The only difference is i couldn't really talk about Dive Club... but Tap Club i'm going to gush about.

p.s. tonight before class i was filling up with overpriced gas and a woman with a hickey the size of a COASTER asked me for $2.00.  she said "we've gotta get home. Please!!" and so i bought the meth-head $2.50 worth of gas.  i'm a dumbass but at least i knew they couldn't sell the gas from the pump for crystal.  guess i was trying to give humanity the benefit of the doubt.  i'm stupid.

Posted at 10/16/2007 9:02:36 pm by gak

October 24, 2007   03:30 PM PDT
I'm guessing the teens are more entertaining with the drama and ignorance about the world.
December 14, 2007   06:30 PM PST
Teens are more fun to talk to because they still view the world in such extremes. Screw those shades of grey....as well as the grey hairs.

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