Entry: Catty and Superficial -- Celebs I Can't Stand Wednesday, October 17, 2007

(in no particular order)

Sandra Bullock
Ted Danson
Al Sharpton
Whoopi Goldberg
the parents on 90210
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Julia Stiles
Kyra Sedgwick
Wilmer Valderrama
Jerry Mathers
Kate Hudson
Jennifer Grey's new nose
Oprah's friend Gayle
Michael Douglas
Denise Richards
Nancy Pelosi
Paris Hilton-- DUH

I used to have some others on the list but I've taken them back.  Example: Kirstie Alley used to really annoy me in the Pier 1 commercials but since they dropped her she's ok again.

What are some others?  I know this is negative so let's add a few "Celebs I Love."
Parker Posey
Dolly Parton
Lindsay Lohan
Mary Louise Parker
Megan Follows
Olivia Newton-John
Ann Curry
Eliot on Scrubs
Colin Firth
Katharine Hepburn

Sometimes loving or hating celebrities is all you have to hold onto...


October 18, 2007   11:15 AM PDT
are you single again gak? i sense some anger.

October 24, 2007   03:34 PM PDT
I understand that this list is entirely opinion and I agree with a number of those. This is not a complaint, but I'm wondering, why Julia Stiles?
October 29, 2007   02:52 PM PDT
hey hun just stopping by to say hi.

if you want to see any new pics of lexie let me know and i can get you a link.
December 14, 2007   06:32 PM PST
At first I thought the second list was more that you hate and I was going to have to lose respect for you if Parker Posey made THAT list. She rocks, I love her. I also love John Cusack. I think they'd make a hell of a couple!

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