Entry: Suck My Boobs Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sorry, Tourette's got me there.  I'm just feeling so ornery!  Lonely mammaries.

Yesterday was Day One of 30 days of Dating Again.  That's right folks, I'm cultivating a positive attitude and going to try one month of match.com.  Of course, this is Day Two and my chipper outlook hasn't failed me yet!  I mean seriously try it this time. I want to have fun. I want to meet people I would normally not consider.  I want to go out to dinner and laugh and not be falling down drunk.

So far I've received correspondence from a computer rocker and a 5 year old black man.  The computer rocker has hair down to his butt which appears in need of a trimming.  My goal: to go out with him and perhaps clean up the ends, followed by a deep conditioning treatment.   The black man has bags under his eyes which are large enough to necessitate handles.

My long-term goal:   To make back my $35 the match.com subscription cost me.  

I'm going to go out with men I normally wouldn't.  I'm going to broaden my horizons. I'm going to reformat my memory disk and possibly even date men whose last book read was _The DaVinci Code_.

I think Nibs is trying a similar experiment on eHARM.   Let's roll the dice and see what happens!   It might be the summer of Yahtzee.


June 12, 2008   02:34 PM PDT
Good Luck girlie!!! You never can tell when "the one" is going to drop by ;) give them all a shot, I say!
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