Entry: Scandalous! Monday, July 28, 2008

I work with a very promiscuous woman who has a reputation for sleeping with her coworkers.  This evening, for example, my friend and I were able to count at LEAST 6 people with whom she's slept over the past few years.  Her career definitely benefited by this to some degree.

Last summer she was engaged and was preparing for her wedding.  She and he fiance fought every day, it seemed.  She did get married in August, and her smile in all the photos was really fake.  The one thing that resonated with me after asking her so many times why she was getting married when they fought all the time was that she said that she didn't need to work anymore - that he would take care of her.  Niiiiice. 

The odd thing is that she met him on Match, right around the same time that I had corresponded with him.  I can't blame him for cutting me off and latching on to her as quickly as he did - she's a beautiful woman with the perfect body, an enchanting smile, and a sexuality that I'd be hard pressed to beat.  So, he fell for her and they tied the knot.

By November she was already sleeping around with a coworker.  This became public knowledge when the male involved opened his mouth and bragged about it.  Sadly, he is also married and has a baby at home.

In the past few months, she stopped wearing her wedding ring, and through the grapevine I've been told that she and her husband are getting a divorce.  She has not mentioned a word of this, however, she does flaunt her affair with the coworker and has started dressing to get attention (low cleavage v-necks, sundresses, etc...). 
So, tonight I log into good old eHarm and guess who shows up as one of my matches?  That's right - her soon-to-be ex-husband.  How bizarre is that?  It didn't take him long to get back on the horse - he created the profile on June 30th! 

Oh, man, how I wish I could just get one date with this guy, pretend I have NO earthly idea who he is, and then tell him all about my nasty promiscuous coworker...  It would be sooooo fun, wouldn't it?


August 8, 2008   12:33 AM PDT
someone needs to work less and get out more.
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