long frocks » You described it very beautiful. your writing style grabbed my intentions,would love to read more about itÖ†
Big Time » gak loves me. she told me so in a long love letter. gak, you complete me.
Daisy » Gak-i-ty-gak, please talk back.
Melly » something for you ladies.
Melly » where are you ladies hiding?
Melly » i hope you ladies are all doing ok, i sure do miss you. if any of you want to send me a message on the contact form that we be great, so we can keep in touch.
Melly » i hope you ladies all had a great holiday!
Andrew » How did the Novella writing go???
Melly » i hope your novella went ok. i know i couldn't have done it. at least now its december and you can break from writing.
Melly » happy thanksgiving ladies!!!!
BigTime » gak. lets talk. i want to chat with you.
Joe » Hi - just passing through. Nothing wrong with being 30-somthing and single!
kyra » Stupid ants killed my monarch chrysalis
Melly » happy halloween, gak, boo and nibs!!!
gak » i'm still alive, yep. and kicking like mad
Crash » GAK! You're alive! Hope all is well for you!
Crash » GAK! You're alive! Hope all is well for you!
BigTime » I think Iíve really learned my lesson now. Thanks for setting me strait. You are awesome!
BigTime » I think Iíve really learned my lesson now. Thanks for setting me strait. You are awesome!
SandraB » BigTime is like one of those politicians getting sucked off in airport bathrooms. Uptight repressed and mean in regular life so gets off on being naughty. Reminds me of a 12 year old.
BigTime » I had a 3 some with nibs and gak. They are sex goddesses.
Melly » just thought i would check in to see how you ladies were doing. hope all is well.
GHS » What makes you think that???.. it's only been 5 months since the last posting.
SWF » I think we've been abandoned.
name » nibs has a nice vagina
GHS » mmmmm vagina
Andrew » Where have the wonderful ladies gone?
name » it mostly sucked anyway.
name » This blog has gone the way of Heimers. It's very sad, what will keep us all entertained and eduated on the homeless of Atlanta?
Crash » I think it's officially dead.
LSW » Is this blog officially dead???
LSW » Is this blog officially dead???
BigTime » Someone should put this blog out of its misery. Where did everyone go?
Gomez » Sexing it up in a mortuary. Big points for the new angle, but still creepy.
BigTime » I think gak out of comission now that she is in love and having regular sex.
Gomez » This page feels like a mortuary at 3:00 in the morning.
RG » Nibs still rules.
SWF » Where'd everybody go??
Melly » woohoo, nibs posted
Melly » hey my question is very general. anyone can answer. maybe all of you should.
gak » i sure do wish Nibs would post something! i hate being the center of attention.
BigTime » Yes. Gak got some!
BigTime » Yes. Gak got some!
Melly » anything interesting happen this last weekend???
BigTime » Hey Grasshopper. What's up with the VDS?
BigTime » See gak, Andrew agrees with me.
gak » when the weatherman interrupts my Wheel of Fortune I expect a fucking tornado!!! this is bullshit.
Andrew » I'll be happy to share the recipe if I can get an email address.
gak » you guys are nice to say that, but apparently after you date me you feel differently. LOL.
Andrew » I agree with BigTime!
BigTime » gak is HHHOOOOTTTT!!!
Melly » i hope you have good rest of the week too. mine might be pretty hectic since i have to get all of our stuff packed before the weekend of the 3rd.
Crash » You got jumped or a jump start?
gak » i got jumped this morning.
Crash » If the lights are on, but the car isn't starting, it's probably the solenoid, or it could be the ignition cylinder. The fact that the lights work pretty much rule out the battery, but still possible.
SWF » Dammit. Why can't I comment?! Grrrrr.
Creepy guy » I might chase you too Mel if you don't shut your pie hole!!!
Mel » that's really sad creepy guy. get a new hobbie.
Creepy guy » I will chase you down Nibsie. You better put on your running shoes!
Big Time » gak, i can help you.
chipper » Happy New Year! Great blog ...
Nibsie » what an asshole. who the hell does he think he is?
Painter » Yes, Nibsie...Same shit.!!
Painter » AW87H
Nibsie » I just blocked him from texting me the other day. I'm over this shit. What is it about XXX-mas that makes men so nostaligic? And BTW, I will not be removing these entiries from my blog.
Nibsie » wait. Painter, I got you confused with someone else who is painting a wall, and I apologize. Your the other xGF, aren't you? Is he feeding you this same line of crap?
Nibsie » and when I haven't had a few martinis I can successfully type you've
Nibsie » Painter, my friend, don't you have some Preciousl Moments statue to go repaint or something now that you'd finished that wall?
painter » He's going to make you erase your blog, Nibs. He doesn't like you talking about him. He can't be deceptive.
Roman » i would like to makeout with nibs
Nibsie » Well, I can't tell you much about it right now. I have a massive kidney infection and can't use it
Roman » i think i can give gak many many orgasms
Roman » so how does one get to meet gak?
gak » hey nibs, could you tell me more about your green machine? you know, i used to have one of those too.
Me » Roman I phe Diane Lane just to expose your true intentions with gak. I am onto you. There will be no pining.
Roman » yes. you are probably right. i would play the diane lane odds if i were you. i plan to still pine over gak for a while
Me » Me too but I figured Diane Lane was more obtainable.
Roman » i'd rather have gak.
Me » Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun...yummy. Even better in Unfaithful.I want to land on her.
Fly on the wall » GAK - Have u seen Under the Tuscan Sun? I think you would like it. Chasing ladybugs does not work. We need to just work on our houses and then, when we least expect, the ladybug lands on us.
gak » Does anyone have a coupon code for eHARM? looks like it's come to that again.
Roman » Gak. you sould like a wild girl. how can i chat with you?
gak » s!
gak » not much to report... it was fun but i don't think there's a love connection there. hopefully we'll be friends. but i wouldn't mind getting to suck some dick and a little side sex.
Nibsie » yes, I sexpect a full report!!!
Fly on the wall » Friday night date report please GAK - how was the sharp dressed man?
Big Time » S3TA7
Big Time » gak = weakass
Andrew » Update posted. I had just figured the list grew over the couse of the day!
Tits McGee » Mensa is to intelligence groups as Nova is to cars.
Melly » thanks for the comment gak. she sure is a handful though
crash » mensa is a club for nerds so they can feel superior. i think it's also a mexican dish made with tripe, snouts, hooves and lips
SWF » oops. lol
SWF » Have a safe trip, gak!
SWF » Have a safe trip, gak!
SWF » gak, I'm there the 4th thru 11th. The week after you apparently.
Big Time » one more time... vagina!
Big Time » ummm.. vagin that is
Big Time » or grow a vigina.